5 Steps Resources

Step 1

Working alone from a fixed base

Working separately from others on the same premises or outside of normal working hours

Working from home

Working away from a fixed base


Step 2

Lone Worker Solution Usage Policy

Step 3

Introduction of a Lone Worker Solution to Managers

Introduction of a Lone Worker Solution to Employees

Understanding Escalation Procedures and How to Create One Effectively

Step 4

Learn more about the following topics in short video presentations from Vince Donovan of Safety Solutions Training, who specialise in delivering Conflict Management and Lone Worker Personal Safety training. 

Health & Safety Legislation – https://youtu.be/Pw21qmP5Iyw

Travel Safety – https://youtu.be/KfhZj_SBeS0  

Aggression Cycle – https://youtu.be/Oj8mpNdVVL4  

Managing Confrontation – https://youtu.be/yeIZZgbFwg0   

Lone Working Home Visits – https://youtu.be/W1NCVj27jdI

Incident Reports – https://youtu.be/F0ixZvB0UnI

Step 5