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We offer flexibility and clear pricing on our lone worker solution, so you can have a reliable system in place which is the right fit for you and your team.

Pricing factors

The above costs offer a guide into our lone worker solution, and exact prices depend on the below factors.
Please get in touch for a precise quote at

Contract length

12, 24 and 36 month contracts are available

Number of users

The first volume price break is at 10 users

App or device

There are additional costs for device hardware.

What you get with your monthly cost

We aim to keep our pricing as straightforward as possible, so that you don’t have any unexpected extra costs added onto your annual price.


We don’t charge for onboarding or activation. If you need to add additional users later on, the only extra cost will be for their licence.


We offer full training for your admins and users, which can be accessed at any time via a recording.

Regular meetings

We offer guidance and support around user adoption, to make sure you’re getting the most out of you lone worker solution.

All features as standard

There is no extra cost to each of our features. Our Fall Detection, Time at Risk, Pre-Alert and Safe Home tools all come as standard.

Unlimited portal access

Manage your team, create automated reports, and get real-time visibility on alerts raised by your lone workers with unlimted access to our PG Cloud portal.

No auto renew

We don’t auto renew at the end of your contract, and there are no extra charges for devices which are not returned if you decide not to renew.

Get full visibility

Our PG Cloud management portal allows you to manage all your registered system users in one place, and get real time visibilty on alarms raised. 

Set up monthly reports, filter by type of SOS event, and get a clear view of usage across your team, all in once place.


Find out all you need to know about our pricing. If you have any further questions please email

Do you offer a trial?

It’s important that you and your team have the opportunity to get to know the system. We offer a two-week trial so that you have the chance to become familiar with our lone worker app, devices and portal.

Is there an extra cost for devices?

There is a £30 one off cost for the PG Click, per device, plus postage. Our standalone device, the PG Pebble costs between £10 – £15 a month, depending your chosen monitoring option.

Is a longer contract cheaper

Yes, our cost is lower on our longer contract options. Please get in touch for a quote on your solution depending on your contract length and number of users.

Can I pay monthly?

The monthly cost above is to offer a guide – however we invoice for our solutions annually. There’s no option to pay monthly at this time.

Does the price include VAT?

Yes, the above prices are inclusive of VAT. 

Are there any additional costs?

Our price includes onboarding, all features, training, set-up and activation. 

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