Lone Worker Solution

Explore our lone worker devices, app, and management system; providing you with the lone worker solution to keep your workforce safe, and make your job easier.

There are 3 key elements to a lone worker solution: 

The Mechanism

The lone worker device or application used to raise an SOS alarm or send an alert.

The Portal

Where events and activity can be viewed and tracked. See our FAQs where we address workers’ privacy concerns.

The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Which recieves any SOS events and can send assistance following an escalation. Discover the high standards our ARC’s adhere to.

Our lone worker devices provide your teammates with a means to call for help when they need it. This can be done in a variety of ways and it’s important to tailor each part of the solution to your organisation.

There are options for the type of device your lone workers use, together with alternatives for how these devices are monitored, and we can provide advice and insights into your options to help you make the best decision. 

Once we have the best fitting lone worker solution in place for your users and organisation, we work with you to ensure high usage and compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

This Android or iOS lone worker App allows the end user to raise SOS alarms, leave pre-alert messages, check in and check out, and note timed activities that, should they overrun, will be escalated to an SOS event as per the predefined escalation of the user.


  • BS 8484 accredited
  • SOS Alarm
  • Time at Risk
  • Pre-alert
  • Locate now
  • SOS Bluetooth trigger available

Logo for PG Click, a bluetooth lone worker solution

Our PG Smart App can be paired with a PG Click lone worker device which allows for easy activation of an SOS alarm. The employee can attach the SOS button to their lanyard, keys or clothing then simply double click to activate the SOS alarm.


  • Activation of SOS alarm
  • The PG Click can be paired with the PG Smart app to allow easy activation of the SOS alarm.
  • The PG Click has a minimum battery life of 12 months, so no need for charging.

This standalone lone worker device is ideal where employees do not have a Smartphone or if a dedicated lone worker device is required. Fitted with a roaming SIM card, the PG Pebble can provide better connectivity in some areas. 


  • SOS Alarm
  • Pre-alert Voice Message
  • Fall Detection

    Our PG Cloud customer portal comes free with any solution and enables user-management, reporting and real time viewing of lone worker activity.


    • Simple user management
    • Real time insights
    • Comprehensive reports

    Flexible monitoring options

    Monitored service


    This option is typically used by organisations who want the peace of mind that their monitoring is taken care of with a BS8484 accredited solution.

    If you have your own control room, already use a security provider for alarm handling or would like a localised response (e.g. fellow employees to be alerted) then our self-monitored service might be a better option.



    ✔️ BS 8484:16 accredited solution
    ✔️ 24/7 live monitoring
    ✔️ Priority level 1 emergency response
    ✔️ Audio recording can be provided for use in court
    ✔️ Highly trained operators who follow your organisation’s escalation procedure


    How does a monitored solution work?

    With a monitored option, your organisation benefits from the experience of our NSI Gold Certified BS8484 Alarm Recieving Centre (ARC) partners.

    They’re available 24/7 to respond to any alarms raised by your workforce, and will follow your custom escalation processes.

    You will still have access to the PG Cloud management portal.

    Who are your monitoring partners?

    We’ve partnered with ARC monitoring services G4S and Fenix.

    Having the combined experience of these two accredited security providers can give you confidence that your workforce is in safe and knowledgeable hands. Find out more about our partners.

    What are the benefits of a monitored solution?

    A fully-monitored service offers an end-to-end lone worker solution. You and your workforce can be confident that you have experienced, accredited monitoring staff available 24/7 . 

    This expertise can take the pressure off internal staff, as chosen emergency contacts will only get notified in a genuine emergency. At this point, it will be given level one priority status with emergency services. 

    What does NSI Gold BS8484 mean?

    An NSI Gold Accreditation means that an ARC meets the industry’s highest technical standard, and is committed to continual improvement. 

    BS 8484 is the British Standard for lone worker safety services. It’s not compulsory, but provides a benchmark which reduces or eliminates the risk of failing to provide direct or immediate assistance to lone worker solution users.

    Do you offer part-monitored solutions?

    Absolutely. Your organisation may have workers across the scale, from high risk to low risk.

    Our lone worker solution is flexible, so one department may self-monitor through the app and portal, using emergency contacts, for example, while another is fully-monitored and uses other devices alongside the app, such as the PG Click.

    What other organisations use our monitored solutions?

    The British Red Cross Society is the UK body of the worldwide humanitarian network, and a monitored solution customer. The society is a registered charity, with more than 17,200 volunteers and 3,400 staff.

    Take a look at British Red Cross‘ case study to learn more.

    Self-monitored service


    The self-monitored option is used by larger organisations that have their own control rooms.

    For example, local authorities may have CCTV centres that can be utilised to help cut costs and increase efficiencies of existing resources. 

    We offer several possible combinations of solution types with different monitoring options, so you can create a tailored solution across your organisation.

    ✔️Most cost-effective

    ✔️ Increased flexibility

    ✔️ Utilise existing resource, e.g. CCTV centre

    ✔️ Have complete control over your employee protection monitoring and response

    ✔️ Solution shortlisted for Security Innovation of the Year 2018

    How does a self-monitored solution work?

    With a self-monitored option, your organisation admins and monitoring staff would both have access to our PG Cloud management portal.

    This shows details and locations of events in real time, allows you to configure options for the PG Smart App, and lets you alter and update your escalation process.

    What are the benefits of a self-monitored solution?
    • Price – If you have an existing resource, a self-monitored solution makes a cost-effective option. Not only does it work alongside your existing facilities, but it allows us to give you greater flexibility on cost per user, as we’re not taking fixed monitoring costs into account.
    • Visibility – You have end-to-end sight of the device usage, events and response.
    • Practicality – Having your own facility can mean greater local knowledge, and potentially a better understanding of the situation.
    • Data protection – We have robust data security measures in place. Even so, you may feel more comfortable having all data within the organisation, rather than controlled by a third party service.
    How do we integrate?

    You can use our PG Cloud management portal as a standalone system to view event details and locations in real time. This would be running at all times on one screen in your facility, while we can link into your dedicated phone line to provide two-way audio with our app or devices.

    You need to make sure you have someone monitoring these lines and screens, 24/7, or within working hours, depending on what’s appropriate for your workforce.

    If your centre uses alarm handling software, we can integrate to work alongside these.

    Do you train operators?

    We can give your operators access to our comprehensive training manual, and talk through the system to ensure they have a good understanding of how we work with existing processes.

    What other organisations use self-monitored?

    Arnold Clark is the UK’s largest privately owned car retailer, and a self-monitored customer of ours. Their lone worker risks span from hazards faced by transporter drivers, to sales representatives offering a test drive.

    Take a look at Arnold Clark’s case study to find out more.

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