5 Steps to Employee Protection

Where do I start?

As an employer, you are legally obliged to ensure the safety and welfare of employees, sub-contractors and volunteers who carry out work for you.

Going beyond the legal obligation, you have a moral obligation to ensure that there are robust measures in place to keep employees safe.

Pick Protection has developed a 5 Step, continual process for protecting employees, ensuring the safety of your lone working staff and compliance with health and safety legislation. Although this 5 Step process can be applied to any type of worker, we’ll focus on how it will help you fulfil your duty of care to lone working employees, sub-contractors and volunteers.

We’ve gathered this advice from the reliable sources of the Health and Safety Executive, Health and Safety legislation experts and experienced Health and Safety managers to produce tailored guidance for protecting lone working individuals, within the wider general Health and Safety management for all employees.

Through these 5 steps, we’ll provide you with advice and guidance on best practice approaches, helpful documents, templates and all the tools you need to be confident that you’ve met your duty of care, within a robust safety system.

You may be a seasoned health and safety professional, or just new to these responsibilities. Either way, we’ve catered for everyone in our 5 Step plan.

Whatever your needs, we can guarantee that our steps will take you closer to peace of mind.

At Pick Protection, we’re committed to helping you make the workplace safer. We’re keen to share as much knowledge as we can to help you with your Health and Safety obligations.

We’re also keen to hear from you, your experiences and how we can support each other with helpful tips and advice.

Together, we can make a difference to workplace safety across the UK. 

Let’s now start The 5 Steps to Protecting Employees