Our Story

Founder Rebecca Pick had the idea for a wearable alarm after hearing of an attack in her apartment complex.

After developing proof of concept, Rebecca’s initial idea gained traction, and Pick Protection was born.

The team expanded after intital funding to become a powerhouse of technical excellence and business experience.

Through further research and new learnings, it became clear that some of the most at-risk individuals in the UK are actually employees entering high-risk situations on a daily basis.

With little in the way of technical solutions available to help these people, Pick Protection directed its efforts to develop the next generation of employee protection solutions.

Still driven by the original goal to keep people safe and protected, we’ve now grown to provide a wide range of solutions. Working with partners both in the UK and internationally, our focus on ensuring high levels of user adoption allows us to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers.

We still treat every customer, no matter their size, as a valued member of the Pick Protection community. 


Pairing Pick Protection’s market leading lone worker protection technology with G4S’ monitoring capabilities provides unparalleled levels of protection for G4S and Pick Protection customers alike.

Together, we can reach right across the UK to enable more organisations to access cutting edge lone worker technology.

With average response times of 3.9 seconds employees are always in safe hands with Fenix Monitoring.

Based in Oxford, our BS8484 NSI Gold accredited partner shares the same commitment to innovation and continuous improvement as we do at Pick Protection. 

DVS has built its reputation as one of the most successful distributors of technically advanced security solutions in Europe. Since 2003 the company has established a brand well recognised across the security industry, and renowned for quality.


Yokogawa RAP has been using software solutions to keep workforces safe across the globe, every day, for the past 25 years. With advanced employee protection, their hardware and software ensures employees working in high hazard industries have the equipment and safety mechanisms in place to complete work safely.



“Yokogawa’s partnership with Pick Protection’s lone worker capabilities are yet another example of how we are continually driving to provide solutions to safer working across all industries and all scales.


“In a world of changing work environments, Pick Protection is providing G4S with best in class solutions to support a variety of lone worker needs. Through their responsiveness and expertise, Pick Protection is proving to be a valuable partner for G4S, with some exciting collaborations to come.”   

Fenix Monitoring

“Fenix Monitoring is very proud of our history with Pick Protection and views our partnership as an exciting part of the growth and development of our business. Rebecca and the Pick team are a joy to work alongside. As well as having a great product the agile and creative way Pick addresses customer needs means culturally we are a great fit. Of course the key feedback has always been from the end user, and we’re delighted to say this is always positive”


“Pick Protection allows customers to feel safe every day with a variety of options that allow the solution to be deployed to best suit the client’s needs. Pick Protection, like DVS, pride themselves on building excellent Customer Relations and Product Support. DVS are confident that with Pick Protection, we make you feel safer.”