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The next generation of lone worker protection

Pick Protection was founded on two basic beliefs: lone workers should feel safe, no matter what the circumstances and this safety should be accessible, affordable and reliable.

We have 60 years of collective experience in the security industry and believe that our Personal Guardian products can truly revolutionise security and safety for lone workers. From housing authorities to financial services, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to our innovative lone worker security products, your staff will feel safe no matter what the assignment or circumstances. These are highly advanced whilst remaining accessible. Our wearable personal safety tech is the smallest and lightest on the market ensuring discretion and ease.

Our Lone Worker Solutions

Pick Protection Self Managed App

Self-Managed App

Take complete control of your lone worker solution with our self-managed app. Our Self-Managed App provides options for customised protocol and flexible user management. Find out more about our self-managed app here:

Pick Protection Monitored App

Monitored App

Monitored by our BS8484 accredited alarm receiving centre, the Personal Guardian Monitored App is an accessible, cost-effective lone worker security solution. Find out more about our Monitored App here:

Pick Protection Personal Guardian

Personal Guardian Alarm

An innovative combination of alarm hardware and smart-phone software work together to provide an easy-to-activate wearable alarm, our Personal Guardian Alarm. Find out more about our Personal Guardian Alarm here:

Lone Worker Questionnaires


Establishing a safe working environment for lone workers can be different from managing the health and safety of your other employees. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to protect your employees at work. To determine whether you need to implement lone worker solutions in your workplace, take our questionnaire today.


Are you a lone worker? You may be without even realising it. Working alone can put you in a vulnerable position, and it may be more difficult to summon help if things go wrong, or if your health and safety is at risk. To find out if you are a lone worker, and whether your employer needs to take steps to protect your safety at work, take our questionnaire today.

What is your industry?

Lone Worker Legislation

There are a number of Acts and Regulations that have been put in place to protect employees at work. It is essential that employers of lone workers are familiar with these Acts and Regulations to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work. To find out more about the legislation protecting lone workers, please click the link below.

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