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A simple way to raise an alarm

Send an SOS to an alarm receiving centre in milliseconds with a double click.

Fast response

Operators answer an SOS in two seconds or less, and can call on a category 1 police response, the highest priority level, if necessary.

Shares your location in an emergency

Using your phone’s GPS, the Pick Guardian will pinpoint your exact location so emergency services can come to your aid.

Where we began

The Pick Guardian is the personal safety alarm from Pick Protection, a company which has been taking care of lone workers from a variety of industry sectors since 2018, with customers including British Red Cross, Arnold Clark and Majestic Wine.

Founder and CEO Rebecca Pick started the business after developing a prototype for a personal attack alarm in 2013. As an underserved market, the business focussed on lone worker protection, before making plans to launching a personal solution, The Pick Guardian, in 2023.


How it works

Users press either the in-app SOS button, or double click the bluetooth trigger button to activate the alarm. This connects them to a highly trained operator who will listen for 20 seconds before talking, and gather information including the users location.

If the operator believes there is a genuine emergency, they will use a unique reference number to connect them directly to a police control room, requesting a level 1 police response. This is the highest level of response, and means that the user won’t need to go through a switchboard as they would when calling 999.

They also don’t need to confirm the call to emergency services once they’ve activated the button.

The whole process prioritises three things: speed, reliabilty and ease of use, with the aim of creating the most effective personal alarm on the market.


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Press releases on topics surrounding personal safety as well as articles specifically focussed on the Pick Guardian alarm. 

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