Pick Protection is launching a first of its kind personal safety alarm, a combination of an app and wearable trigger button which can prompt a category 1 police response to an exact GPS location. This innovation in personal safety offers the highest level of response to an emergency situation, with just a double click.

Personal safety has dominated the news with shocking reports including the horrific stories of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa and Ashling Murphy, but when was the last time of a report of innovation in this area? Young tech company Pick Protection have come up with a new approach to change how we protect ourselves. 

A wearable trigger button can be clipped to keys, handbags, clothing or anywhere easy to access. The discreet trigger connects to the Pick Guardian smartphone application. When an alarm is activated, the user is connected to highly trained operators who also receive their GPS location within two seconds, around eight times quicker than when dialling 999. In an emergency the Operator will summon a Level 1 Priority Police response to the user’s exact location, putting this ahead of the 999 queue going straight into the Police control room. The Operator will then call the user’s pre-agreed Emergency Contacts to inform them of the situation. All audio is recorded and can be used in court if required.  

This first of its kind alarm is due to launch for individual personal safety in the summer following a crowdfund campaign in June, which will give early access ahead of general sale. The Personal Guardian offers:

  • Level 1 police response 
  • Shared GPS location on raising an SOS
  • Discreet SOS button – no need to touch smartphone to raise alarm
  • SOS calls recorded for evidence in court if needed. 

This type of response has previously not been available for a consumer to buy. Pick Protection can offer this priority response thanks to accreditations and processes currently only used for protecting high risk and lone working employees. 

At present, Pick Protection provides a range of lone worker protection solutions for customers including British Red Cross and Majestic Wine. 

The company has undergone a thorough audit of its existing app and alarm receiving centres to reach the highest level of accreditation for lone workers available, which allows operators to request a level 1 police response by quoting a dedicated unique reference number.  

The Pick Guardian combines the technological capability of a smartphone safety app, with the simplicity of a discreet activation button. About the same size as a two-pound coin the Pick Guardian’s button can clip onto a keyring or bag, meaning the user can let emergency services know they’re potentially in danger without raising suspicion.

This combination stems from the original attack alarm proto-type designed by Founder and CEO Rebecca Pick, while studying at Strathclyde University:

“I had the idea for a wearable the personal safety device that could be worn under clothes and would guarantee a response after my neighbour was attacked and nobody came to help. I just thought the traditional pull alarms that omit a high pitch noise weren’t effective enough and trying to get your smartphone from a bag is nearly impossible,” she says. 

On launching the business and going on to raise investment Pick Protection had to move into the lone worker market to protect employees working alone, transforming the concept of the attack alarm into an app, one of a number of products available to organisations looking to take care of their lone worker’s safety. 

After six years building on this product, the time came to turn attention back to an alarm for individuals. Pick explains what changed. 

“In short, a recent integration now means that people will just be able to buy a subscription and get set up on the app online, which wasn’t a possibility before. We love working with our business customers, and their feedback has made for a really strong, reliable and trusted alarm. Being able to now offer that to people in their personal lives is really exciting, and we’ve been asked a lot about this in the past!” 

The app is currently crowdfunding for a UK-wide launch, and is aimed at anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own safety. 

“Everyone’s routine is different, and some people might feel more at risk on a daily basis than others. We just want to give everyone that extra assurance that they can request help in a way that is quick, easy and efficient, and without question our Pick Guardian is the best way for them to do so.”

Pick Protection are currently crowdfunding to launch their Pick Guardian in preparation for a full launch. Click here to find out more.