Pick Protection customer Arnold Clark steps in with sponsorship to help keep people safe


Woman pulling keys with Pick Protection panic button attached out of her bag

Pick Protection customer Arnold Clark is supporting hundreds of people around the country after donating £20,000 to sponsor 300 personal alarms.

Pick Protection released a personal safety alarm, The Pick Guardian, an interaction of the existing PG Smart app, which will now be used by those who have experienced domestic abuse to help them feel safer. 

Eddie Hawthorne, Arnold Clark Chief Executive and Group Managing Director said: ‘At Arnold Clark, we believe in innovation and the Pick Guardian uses technology that gives people an added layer of protection in emergency situations. We have used Pick Protection for some of our employees throughout the business and we’re delighted to be able to support them further. With this donation, we’re able to distribute these alarms to individuals who need them the most and help them benefit from the technology so they can feel safer in all situations.’

The car retailer recently announced Glasgow based SAY Women as one of the beneficiaries, but is supporting charities around the UK with their donation.

Much like the PG Smart and PG Click, the Pick Guardian combines of a Bluetooth trigger button which is linked to the Pick Guardian smartphone app. Users raise the alarm with a double click of the button that connects the user to an Alarm Receiving Centre. Operators can then request a Category 1 police response to an exact GPS location, bypassing the 999 queue, in a genuine emergency.

All audio is also recorded and can be used as court evidence if required.

Pick Protection’s CEO and founder Rebecca Pick said: ‘We’re incredibly grateful to Arnold Clark, a much-valued customer of ours, for offering their support in sponsoring hundreds of alarms and getting them to those who really need them.

‘We know that the Pick Guardian has worked really well in protecting employees, and thanks to the generosity of Arnold Clark, we’re now able to ensure at-risk individuals can also benefit from this technology.’

Rebecca Pick with the Pick Guardian alarm

Glasgow-based charity SAY Women offers safe semi-supported accommodation and emotional support for young women aged 16 to 25 who are survivors of sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault and who are homeless, or threatened with homelessness.

The charity’s Chief Executive, Pam Hunter, explained what it meant for SAY Women to be named as a beneficiary,

“This donation means a huge amount to our charity. One, to get the sponsorship from Arnold Clark, and two to get the recognition that actually our society should have full access for everybody, it should enable anybody to walk down the streets without being frightened. Now unfortunately in our society that’s not the case, so therefore Arnold Clark have stepped in, Pick Protection have stepped in by giving our young women these alarms.”

Another beneficiary of the alarms, Manchester Rape Crisis added: ‘Being able to provide alarms free of charge will empower survivors.

‘One of the impacts of experiencing sexual violence is the fear it leaves; having an alarm will, for some survivors, enable them to feel safer in social situations and take back control of their lives.’

Could your organisation offer support? 

We’ve spoken to domestic abuse charities around the country, and there is a high demand for our Pick Guardian alarm. You too could help make people feel safer by sponsoring a Pick Guardian alarm. Get in touch to find out more, and download our information guide.