“We would happily recommend Pick Protection’s solutions. Not only are the app, clicks, and portal extremely easy to use whilst enhancing the ability to access support, the customer service we have received from Pick Protection has greatly improved our experience, they are always available to support and deal with any issues or queries at the drop of a hat!”

Enhancing support & safety, 24/7


The British Red Cross Society is the UK body of the worldwide humanitarian network the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The society is a registered charity with more than 17,200 volunteers and 3,400 staff.

The Health and Crisis Response directorate at the British Red Cross wanted to do more for their lone working staff and volunteers to ensure they had a simple and convenient way to access help and support whenever needed. This is their story.

“Previously, staff had been going the extra mile to make sure anyone lone working was always supported, including out of hours. We wanted a solution that would enhance support and safety 24 hours a day, to alleviate some of the pressure on teams, and free people up to focus on offering the best care to our service users. 

We worked closely with Pick Protection to select the right solution for our flexible mix of staff and volunteers. Now rolled out across the team, the PG Smart app solution enhances our lone workers’ ability to access support, whilst also alleviating our staff of additional effort.

More than just an SOS button, the ‘time at risk’ function has been invaluable, giving staff the ability to set an advance timer for specific activities, with the peace of mind that if the timer for an activity runs out, an automatic SOS alert will be triggered. This removes any uncertainty about being able to reach your phone to subtly raise an alert if needed – the system will do it for you. For an even more subtle way of activating an SOS, we also added the PG Click Bluetooth trigger, and found that this was a more convenient solution for some of our teams as they are discreet and easy to always keep to hand. The combination of the app and trigger proved to be really useful tools.

Feedback from the users has been that it is simple and intuitive to use, and easy to navigate. It’s always reassuring to know that it’s just a click away, and they can activate an SOS and access support if they feel they need to at any time. 

The PG Cloud management portal is also very straightforward to use and everything you need can be accessed here. In particular, the reports section allows you to gain such insights into how our front-line workers are using and adopting the system, which can be shared with leadership teams and influence decision making, as well as providing a comprehensive audit trail.