“We worked closely with Pick’s client services team to get set up and received very positive feedback

Zara Atkinson, Operations Change Analyst

Providing smart solutions for 3 different worker roles at once

Unipart Logistics design, operate and optimise complex supply chains for clients in a variety of sectors on a local and global scale. They have a variety of staff with some being selected to take part in a two week trial with us before implementing the solution. We asked Zara Atkinson, Operations Change Analyst for her thoughts on our trial process.

The problem

Our employees face risks such as exposure to potentially hostile persons/situations and accidents whilst working alone. We previously used mobile phones to allow contact with relevant managers. However, this was a weak measure compared to Pick Protection’s solutions. We met Rebecca Pick at a trade fair and could see with very little investigation, the potential that the app could provide us with.

We felt we needed a lone worker solution to give the site facilities operators a method of managing their risk. It also gave management a clearer picture of where an operator was working and an opportunity to respond to any alert raised.

The solution

We selected the following employees to trial Pick’s solutions:

SKY engineers who are based on the roads in vans carrying out installs across the country
Site facilities operators who work in isolated areas such as plant rooms and rooftops
Logistics waste recycling employees who work in a yard area, often alone.
We chose to trial Pick’s stand-alone devices for the sky engineers and the app solution for everyone else. This was on a managed contract as we wanted third-party monitoring of our employees at the highest possible industry standard.

We worked closely with Pick’s client services team to get set up and received very positive feedback about both solutions from trial participants with comments that it was easy to implement and use.

The Outcome

Managers see the tailored solution as a positive re-enforcer of our health and safety cover for our lone and at-risk employees. We experienced increased employee engagement as the app is designed to add a layer of protection for the employees at risk.

Following the trial, we have our facilities teams using the app and we are looking to roll this out across all Unipart Logistics sites. Further to this, the SKY operations team have met with Pick Protection to discuss implementing a solution for the SKY engineers.