“From a Health and Safety perspective, Pick’s sustainable solution meets all our needs. Working with the Pick team, we see it developing to meet any changes or additional feature developments we may need in future.”

Drew Fussey, Operational Service Manager
Andrew Buchanan, Data & Systems Officer

Meeting safety requirements with an easy-to-implement 

Based in North Yorkshire, Selby District Council provides a wide range of services to the local community. They had a requirement for a council-wide lone worker solution to be put in place to ensure the safety of their employees in a number of different roles.

The Problem

Selby District Council were using an old buddy style system that had several flaws from a resilience perspective. Pick Protection’s solution has enabled the Council to employ a system that takes advantage of technology we already have in place, to ensure we have a reliable, safe solution for our staff when working alone. Without this solution we would still be using the previous buddy system that doesn’t offer the failsafe option that the Pick solution provides.

The Solution

The PG Smart app was easy to install across the Council. The very helpful Customer Success team at Pick worked with us to resolve any teething issues, quickly adapting the system to suit our requirements.

The PG Cloud portal included with all of Pick’s solutions is extremely user friendly. Administrators can access all the information they require, whether running reports, updating staff details, or moving staff between different departments within the organisational structure. The reports produced enable us to target people who aren’t using it as expected and address the reasons why.

Although it was easy to implement, as expected, there were some small internal hurdles with employees getting used to change and doing something new. In addition, some staff feared they were being “tracked”. These hurdles were overcome with clear communication, support and face to face training that we undertook jointly with the Pick team. Working closely with Pick during the implementation phase ensured that everything went as smoothly as possible without any interruption to employees’ daily responsibilities.

The Outcome

Having gone through formal procurement, the PG Smart app provided all the benefits we needed to meet our Health and Safety requirements at a price we could afford.

Staff have voiced how they now feel more confident attending locations by themselves, knowing that they have the safety net of the PG Smart app. We have also had feedback from managers who say that seeing their staff use the app to log their ‘time at risks’ etc on the PG Cloud portal gives them more confidence that their teams are protected when sending them out to sites as a lone worker.

The longer-term benefits are a sustainable, adaptable solution that meets all our lone worker needs. The management reports can be used to reassure users and management that their personal safety is of the highest concern to the council, alongside targeting any training and development needs.