PG Pebble

A dedicated lone worker solution

PG Pebble – keep your employees safe with a dedicated device

The way employees are protected is changing

Need a dedicated solution? Or a solution that enhances connectivity across rural and remote locations? The PG Pebble provides a simple solution that can connect across multiple phone networks.

Simple to use

No smartphone required

Roaming sim for enhanced connectivity 

  • SOS Alarm
  • 2 way radio
  • GPS Location
  • Pre-alert
  • Time at risk
  • Tracking (optional)
  • Man down (optional)
  • BS 8484 accredited


  • Easy SOS activation
  • Always in reach when required
  • Roam between phone networks
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  • SOS button for easy activation
  • LED indicators for GPS availability, GSM connection, Low battery
  • Rechargeable – Docking station provided
  • Accessories available including belt clip and arm holster

SOS Alarm

When an employee requires assistance, they simply press and hold the SOS button for 2 seconds. This alerts the operator and provides the employee’s GPS location as well as opening a 2-way audio call between the employee and operator. The operator will verify the situation and follow the pre-agreed escalation protocol for the employee.



A pre-alert is a mechanism for the employee to communicate with the operator by text. For example, if an employee is working alone, they may want to let the operator know their exact location within the building (eg Room 2, Floor 6). If they activate an SOS alarm, this would provide not only their GPS location but vertical position within the building to reduce response time.


The PG Smart app has the ability to track employee location. This feature is optional, so can be switched on or off based on user groups. Frequency of location updates is also configurable.



Man Down

The PG Smart app uses advanced fall detection technology to provide proactive protection to employees. Offering 9 levels of sensitivity settings, this feature provides unparalleled protection by detecting motion and impact. If your employee has a fall or becomes incapacitated an SOS alarm will automatically be raised.





Time at Risk

When an employee is undertaking a task of increased risk, for example a home visit, they should set a time at risk period for the expected duration of the event. They then have the option to extend this at any time. If they do not extend or confirm their safety by the end of the set time, their phone will alert them, and they need to confirm their safety. If their safety is not confirmed this will escalate to an SOS alarm, with the operator contacted and their GPS location provided.

  • No set up fees
  • No activation fees
  • No bolt-on pricing for additional features
  • One simple price per month


The PG Pebble is easy for employees to use, and even easier for managers to oversee. Our online PG Cloud management portal, provided FREE with any of our solutions, makes it simple for managers to check on usage levels, run reports and efficiently manage their users.


FREE with our solutions

Our online management platform:

  • Easy to use
  • Real time view of activity
  • Simple user management
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Secure and scalable
  • Optional tracking feature
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Monitoring Options

The Pick Protection Solutions have been designed to offer maximum flexibility. You have the option to monitor and respond to alarms internally through a dedicated security centre or emergency contacts, or you can fully outsource the monitoring to our 24/7 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Monitored service

Typically, the monitored service option is used by SMEs and organisations that want the peace of mind that the monitoring has been fully outsourced, and they have selected the BS8484 accredited solution.

  • BS 8484:16 accredited solution
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Priority level 1 emergency response
  • Audio recording can be provided for use in court
  • Highly trained operators who follow your organisation’s escalation procedure

However, if you have your own control room, already use a security provider for alarm handling or would like a localised response (e.g. fellow employees to be alerted) then our self-monitored service is right for you.

Self-monitored service

Typically, the self-monitored service solution is used by larger organisations that have their own control rooms. For example, local authorities may have CCTV centres that can be utilised to help cut costs and increase efficiencies of existing resources. 

  • Most cost-effective
  • Increased flexibility
  • Utilise existing resource, e.g. CCTV centre
  • Have complete control over your employee protection monitoring and response
  • Shortlisted for Security Innovation of the Year 2018

We offer several possible combinations of solution types with different monitoring options, so you can create a tailored solution across your organisation. 


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Compatible with iOS Version 10+ and Android Version 5.5+

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