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We’re transforming the employee protection market by harnessing innovation and technology to keep people safe

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Enabling safety through technology

"I am incredibly proud of how Pick Protection has grown. With a phenomenal team we’ve managed to create exceptional solutions tailored to individual customers and provide the highest level of protection to keep people safe every day."

Rebecca Pick, Founder and CEO of Pick Protection

Pick Protection started when, after hearing of a horrifying incident in the apartment complex where she lived, founder Rebecca Pick had an idea for a wearable personal attack alarm that would help keep people safe by guaranteeing a response.

Rebecca took the idea forward and developed a proof of concept. The idea gained traction and from there Pick Protection was born.

After raising over £1 million funding, the Pick Protection team then expanded to become a powerhouse of technical excellence and business experience.

Through further research and new learnings, the team realised that some of the most at-risk individuals in the UK are actually employees entering high-risk situations on a daily basis. With little in the way of technical solutions available to help these people, Pick Protection directed its efforts to develop the next generation of employee protection solutions.

Through a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organisations across a range of sectors and risk profiles, we have taken a user-centric approach to the design and build of our solutions, which remain highly configurable to help address the needs of each individual customer we work with.

Still driven by the original goal to keep people safe and protected, we’ve now grown to provide a wide range of solutions. Working with partners both in the UK and internationally, our focus on ensuring high levels of user adoption allows us to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers.

We still have the personal culture of a start-up company and treat every customer, no matter their size, as a valued member of the Pick Protection community. 

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