The footage from Christmas Eve 2021 shows the type of risks Father Christmas faces when doing the rounds, and how Pick Protection’s PG Smart App provides support. 

 Setting a Time at Risk for 24 hours, Father Christmas sets off on a gruelling delivery shift that takes him around the world in hazardous flying conditions. If he doesn’t return home to his geo-fenced “safe zone” within that time, an SOS will be sent to monitoring staff. But with four minutes to spare on 25th December 2021, he’s back home with a cup of tea and his feet up. 

 It’s a tough job, but he’s used to the risks now. He explains in a case study for lone worker providers, Pick Protection, that he’s fallen from his sleigh “countless times.” There have also been several encounters with large dogs, and an incident where he became lodged in a fireplace. 

“These things are hard to avoid in my line of work.” He explains, “but it’s good to know that I’ve got a security device in the form of my smartphone. I got a pair of gloves that let me use the touchscreen now too.”

 When Father Christmas of Jingle Logistics originally approached Pick Protection for his lone-worker solution, the organisation were still using an outdated buddy system. CEO Rebecca Pick guided the delivery worker through the options based on Jingle Logistics risk assessment, before signposting him to a self-monitored option using the PG Smart App.

“Jingle Logistics have a sophisticated monitoring centre in place already, so self-monitored was the best option. One of the first steps to mitigate against risks to lone workers is to ask whether someone really needs to work on their own, but I can’t imagine there are many willing volunteers to work the Christmas Eve shift.” 

 Father Christmas confirmed it was a one-person job. “We’ve only got one sleigh and eight reindeer.” He said. 



During the video log, Father Christmas is seen raising an SOS when confronted with a dog, registering a pre-alert in foggy weather, and setting off the fall detection after a safe but unexpected parachute landing after falling from his sleigh. His teammates back at HQ are seen to use the “locate now” function as their lone worker glides over Australian beaches and past the Statue of Liberty. 

The team at Pick Protection were very happy to see that despite all the alerts, Father Christmas returned home safe. 

“He’s certainly up against it, but that’s why we’re here – to give people confidence in challenging circumstances.” 

Father Christmas confirmed that using the PG Smart App had become second nature, partly because it was so easy to use, but also because he “has to use it so often in a short space of time, ho ho ho!”

Watch the video here