There are unknown risks at any point during even the most run-of-the-mill working days. But that doesn’t stop us from doing what we need to do.

Lone worker protection isn’t just for high-risk industries or even those who are classed as lone workers. But just having an SOS on an app can help give employees that added sense of confidence and security, and assure their managers that they are safe and well, day to day.

Here are some of the different types of hazards associated with tasks that millions of us do every day, with the lone worker protection feature that applies to each.

The pre-work routine

Darker nights and mornings can come with increased risks. Limited visibility means a greater chance of trips and more opportunity for attackers or thieves. Even during the day, if someone is out on their own and becomes unwell, that routine workout can suddenly become a high-risk situation.

Useful safety features

Setting a Time at Risk allows users to set a timeframe for their workout or dog walk. If this time elapses and the Time at Risk isn’t turned off, an SOS will be sent either to an accredited alarm receiving centre, or emergency contacts, depending on whether you’ve chosen a monitored or self-monitored solution. 

The Fall Detection feature on our PG Smart App and PG Pebble device senses when someone has fallen over, picking up a change in orientation followed by a period of no movement. Again, if this isn’t cancelled, an SOS alarm will be triggered with GPS location details.


How confident are you that your colleagues are well-protected on their way to and from work? Driving, especially as the days shorten, comes with a host of hazards.

Even if you do everything right, you can’t guarantee that other road users will, or the weather doesn’t have a burst of bad driving conditions up its sleeve.

Useful safety functions

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, our Fall Detection feature found on the PG Smart App and PG Pebble can flag other instances other than a fall, such as a collision. That’s because it detects movements, or non-movements typical in both a fall and a road accident. In a collision, there may be a change in orientation and almost certainly an impact – both of which characterise a fall. 


A Time at Risk can be set for the journey duration, whether your colleague travels by bike, public transport or car. If there are delays, this can easily be extended, and a user can also note a Pre-Alert, such as if the wind levels are picking up, making driving more hazardous. 



Unless you operate 24/7, like our monitoring centres, someone has to open up and close physical premises at night.

Who is that someone in your organisation, and are they alone when they do this? Even if unlikely, the possibility that they could become a target for aggression or theft is still there, and protective measures need to be considered. 

Useful safety functions

A user can report any suspicious or concerning activity they might have picked up on during with a Pre-Alert. That way, if they did have to use the SOS alarm, the alarm receivers would have some context. They can also set a Time at Risk if they know how long their opening and closing routine should take.

Aggressive behaviour

Retail staff, hospitality workers, and those in the legal sector can be at greater risk of abusive behaviour from members of the public.

Sometimes, this can escalate into threats of physical violence, which is why having protective measures in place, particularly for these types of workers, is so important.

Useful safety functions

The PG Smart App can connect with our PG Click, a Bluetooth trigger which can raise an alarm if the user can’t use their phone or wants to send an SOS discreetly. They can also note a Pre-Alert, for instance, “crowd outside shop becoming agitated”, or “client has issued a threat.”


We all have days when we’re feeling less than brilliant, but what if one day it’s more than that? The Office of National Statistics reported that 3,817 people aged between 20-64 died of a heart attack in 2020.

These types of serious illnesses can strike at any time of the day, not just while a colleague is at work, and time is of the essence when they do. Because the PG Smart App can be installed on the user’s personal phone, this safety device can be with them all the time, not just when they’re at work. 

Useful safety functions

A user can set a Pre-Alert on the PG Smart App or PG Pebble to raise the fact that they’re not feeling well and describe symptoms. If they were physically able, they might press the SOS button, however, the Fall Detection would pick up if they have collapsed, while the Pre-Alert noted earlier would give either the monitoring centres or emergency contacts a very quick view of the emergency while providing a GPS location.

If you’re interested in protecting your team as they go about their daily business, talk to the team at Pick Protection about how easily we can set your organisation up with the PG Smart App.

If you already have a system in place, we’ll integrate it with your existing software and security facilities, such as an ARC or incident room, to fit our lone worker solution to your business.