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How does it work?

The PG Smart app is not just a tool to assist with time and attendance and check calls, first and foremost it is a lone worker protection solution. Our system comprises the PG Smart app together with the PG Cloud management portal, which can be used to view usage in real time or run insightful reports that can be shared with your clients.

SOS Alarm Function: Summon emergency assistance at the touch of a button. Monitored either by your control room or our BS8484 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, the Officer can rest assured the appropriate response will be summoned to their GPS location, and they can speak with the operator to provide additional details.

Pre-Alerts: If you would like confirmation of arrival on site, an Officer using the PG Smart app can send a ‘Pre-Alert’ to the PG Cloud portal. The Pre-alert will register the Officer’s name, date and time, and GPS location, and the Officer can repeat this process at various points of the day and in various locations as proof of presence.

Check-ins: For regular check ins, an Officer can start a ‘Time at Risk’ on the PG Smart app. This is a pre-determined timed period, and their name, date and time, and GPS location will be sent to PG Cloud portal.

When the timer runs down, they will be alerted by a 3 minute warning sound that they must check in and confirm safety. This also provides current location information to the PG Cloud.

If an Officer does not check in within the 3 minute period, then an SOS alarm will automatically be generated, creating a 2 way audio call either to your own control room, or to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Fall Detection: The PG Smart also offers fall detection. If you have any employees with existing medical conditions or working in higher risk areas the PG Smart can detect a fall and will automatically raise an SOS if welfare is not confirmed by the Officer.

What are the Benefits?

In a successful pilot with Axis Security, using Time at Risk to replace traditional check calls reduced missed calls by 93%.

What are the costs?

The Personal Guardian system is based on a monthly subscription cost per user license. For every Officer with the PG Smart on their phone this counts as one license.

There are no set up costs. No training costs. No activation or messaging/alert costs – just a fixed cost per license per month. We promise there’s no catch. No matter how much your officers use the system you only pay the license cost.

Costs range between £3.50 per user per month to £10.00 per user per month.

Some simple factors affect if you’re at the lower or higher end of the price range:

  • Service Option: If you route the monitoring of the alarms through your control room this is a more cost-effective option than routing the monitoring though our alarm receiving centre.
  • Contract Length: If you take a longer contract length you are rewarded for your loyalty.
  • Number of Users: The more users you have the lower the price per license.

It really is that simple. Want to know more?

Get in touch with Pick Protection today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!