Pick Protection

24 March 2020

Purchasing dedicated lone worker protection devices can be expensive, but more importantly, there’s little value for money when usage rates sit well below the 100% you need for full protection.

It’s difficult to know what’s the best solution when there’s such a range of options to choose from… we believe you already have the answer!

Lone workers need something they will keep charged, always have within easy reach, and use to communicate effectively.

Sound familiar?

The dedicated solution that every worker will keep religiously by their side, is their smartphone. Therefore, the simple, cost-effective solution for employers must be to tap into what is already part of workers’ daily routine. The best way to do that is by using our sophisticated smartphone app which cleverly utilises existing technology and facilitates emergency signals and accurate locators.

It’s the guaranteed way to ensure your lone workers have a charged device no further than a pocket’s width away.

Nobody thinks twice about charging their phone and it’s not unusual for people to keep a charger in every port of call. Dedicated devices work the same way – they needn’t be cumbersome or conspicuous, but without a charge, they’re completely useless. And they’re just are one MORE thing for workers to remember every time they leave home or work.

Managers can also implement a ‘Lone Worker Solution Usage Policy’, which sits as an appendix to your lone working policy and specifies exactly how the solutions should be used. Download our FREE Lone Worker Solution Usage Policy Template for Local Authorities here.