At Pick Protection, we take the time to understand your requirements and challenges. We work with you to create the best solution for your organisation.

We don't just stop at providing you a tailored solution. We include a training and support program so that your organisation gets the most out of your solution. From talking to our clients, we know that the greatest challenge when implementing a lone worker solution is low usage. Therefore, we created a user adoption program to maximise it.

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Maximising User Adoption

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    Pick Protection commits to working in partnership with your organisation to maximise usage of your solution through our User Adoption Program.


    High quality training is key to successfully implementing a lone worker solution. We work with your managers, providing them with a starter kit for introducing the solution to their teams. We also provide training for the employees on how they should use the solution.


    We have a client services team that keep in regular contact with your team to ensure that they are making the most of your solution. We also have a reporting feature that allows you to monitor your lone workers' activity to ensure high usage.


    Once a solution has been implemented, it must be well managed to maintain high usage. We provide your managers with the tools they need to effectively manage your tailored solution.

Working in Partnership

Pick Protection is on a mission to keep employees around the UK safe. To do this, we need to join forces with organisations that share this mission. We are keen to partner with companies in the following industries: Security, Health & Safety & Human Resources. If you operate in these industries or if you're interested in expanding your product range and believe you could be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you.

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