Lone workers

A lone worker is an employee who performs tasks or works in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision.

With around 8 million lone workers in the UK and working alone named one of the top ten hazards of concern to employees in 2016, employers should place high importance on assessing and mitigating the risks that they face.

At risk employees

With the number of organisations offering flexible working practices on the rise, there are more at risk employees than ever before.

At risk employees can be simply defined as employees who work at a heightened risk. For example, individuals who carry around expensive equipment or bank employees who hold sensitive information. They may not work alone, but are still at risk of being attacked once they leave the workplace.


Lone workers come from various employment sectors. Read more about how we work with your industry.

  • Employees who work in the financial services industry could be classed as 'at-risk' if they hold sensitive or valuable information. Moreover, nearly 50% of financial services staff also work alone at some point during their daily routine.

    It is therefore not surprising that a lot of these employees feel vulnerable and exposed to criminal attacks. This fear could also continue outside of the workplace, as employees travel home. This is why it is important for employers to protect employees at all times and not just within their place of work.

    The great news is, all of Pick Protection’s solutions have the ability to protect employees 24/7. We have a self-managed or managed app that both pair with high quality, discreet, wearable technology or a stand-alone device if you don’t want employees relying on their phone battery.

    Our managed service allows you to enter your organisation’s escalation protocol which our operators would follow in the case of an SOS alarm activation. You have the ability to nominate your own response team to ensure full discretion. For complete control over the monitoring as well as the response process take a look at our self-managed service.

  • Housing associations employ a large number of workers, the majority of which will work alone or be at high risk due to working with vulnerable individuals.

    Potential risks they may face include:

    • Working late at night.
    • Evicting people from their home.
    • Having to give bad news to tenants, for example that a problem cannot be fixed.
    • Exposure to potentially violent or aggressive individuals, for example drug users and alcoholics.

    Although difficult visits can sometimes be part of the job, feeling scared or intimidated at work shouldn’t be.

    At Pick Protection, we have a range of security solutions that are ideal for those working closely with vulnerable members of the public. See below for examples of how our App solution can be used to protect employees of Housing Associations:

    • Users have the ability to set a 30-minute timer that can be extended based on the length of time that they will be at a particular location. This timer will trigger an SOS alarm if the user does not complete the wellbeing check.
    • The pre-alert function allows the user to record a message giving their exact location if they feel a heightened sense of risk. This is especially useful if a user is in a multi-story building with various floors.
    • Add on our Bluetooth device which works alongside our app to provide activation of the SOS alarm at the click of a button.

  • Facilities management includes a range of different professions from cleaners to maintenance workers. These employees may not start their tasks alone but may find themselves finishing the job after everyone has left the office. This leaves them exposed to risks such as personal injury and assault without immediate access to first aid equipment or assistance.

    Our range of lone worker solutions can offer assurance to both employees and their employers. Employees will feel more secure and reassured knowing assistance is just a click away and employers will stay compliant with Health & Safety legislation and become a more attractive employer when recruiting.

  • Charities have a clear duty of care to their volunteers as well as their employees, so assessing and managing the risks that they are exposed to should be of high priority. Common tasks in this industry, such as collecting donations, can be carried out door-to-door, on the street or in shopping centres leaving volunteers vulnerable to concerning, intimidating or even dangerous situations. Volunteers also interact with members of the public in their homes or within the community which again leads to a heightened risk. 

    Charities often don't have the resource to monitor staff 24/7. In this instance, our managed service would be a great option as it offers affordable, 24/7 lone worker monitoring at the highest industry standard. If you do have the resource and would like a more cost-effective solution then you should have a look at our self-managed service.

    Something you might not be aware of is even if board members are volunteers, they can still be held personally liable for the protection of employees and voluntary workers under Health and Safety legislation.

  • Whether its visiting tenants or completing small trade jobs, lone workers are common within local authorities. It is vital that the right security measures are put in place to protect these employees.

    Often, local authorities will already have a 24/7 monitoring facility. This could be named a risk management centre or a monitored security centre, but the functionality remains the same. The great thing is, our self-managed service can integrate with these monitoring facilities to provide a more cost-effective method of monitoring lone or at-risk employees.

    Our self-managed service gives you complete control of the solution. When an SOS alarm is activated, the user will connect to your own monitoring facility or 3 predetermined contacts. Along with our training and support program, managers will be able to effectively manage lone worker activity using our customer portal.

    We believe that all staff should feel safe, secure and confident no matter what their position is. Our self-managed solution is the ideal opportunity to protect all your lone and at-risk employees, meet legislation requirements, and make use of existing facilities.

  • Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are partnerships between local authorities and local businesses with the purpose of providing extra services or enhancements to a specific area. Generally, safety of their district is a top priority for BIDs and this includes protecting lone and at-risk employees.

    One way BIDs can do this is by sponsoring our solutions for businesses in their district. For example, West End BID recently sponsored our managed app solutions for businesses in their district. We provided training to each of these businesses in order to help them implement the system and educate the users on how to use the solution.

    BIDs also have lone and at-risk employees such as city ambassadors and street wardens that are exposed to a whole range of risks such as street fights and drug users. Not only can we protect these employees, we can help BIDS and their local businesses stay compliant with Health & Safety legislation through providing activity reports proving usage of our solution.

  • Keeping your team safe

    Security services such as Event Security, Mobile Patrols, Manned Guarding all involve some degree of risk and elements of lone working. Pick Protection can give you and your security team peace of mind by equipping them with our cost-effective and easy to use solutions.

    Keeping your customers safe

    Security service providers already help their customers build a safe environment through offering: intruder alarms, CCTV, access control systems and more. We can help extend this service range to include lone and at-risk employee protection.

    We developed a cloud-based software platform that allows security companies to provide lone and at-risk employee protection solutions to their customers. You on-board the customer, you maintain the relationship and you help to encourage better safety cultures within your customer's organisations.

    Whether you’re looking to protect your own guards and staff or provide our solutions to your customers to help them adhere to Health & Safety legislation and protect their lone and at-risk workers, we’d love to hear from you!


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