What is BS 8484?

What is BS 8484?

BS 8484’s official title is the ‘Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services’. This British Standard, introduced in September 2009, comes in four parts and lays down the requirements for companies offering lone worker services, as well as the capability and functionality of the devices and apps they provide and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) used by the companies in question.

Pick Protection is compliant to the highest BS 8484 standard, and our Personal Guardian device is monitored by Unipart Security’s UK based NSI Gold Category II Monitored Alarm Receiving Centre (MARC).

All of our employees are security screened and we have achieved BS 7858:2012, which is the British Security Screening standard for staff.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our processes and products surpass customer expectations. For more information on the lone working solutions we offer you can contact us on 0141 229 0048 or view our products and services here.

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