Pick Protection offers an extensive and flexible range of lone worker and employee protection solutions.

No two employees have the same risk profile so it is important to carefully consider what the best fit for your organisation will be. Based on your risk assessments and lone working policy it’s about putting the solutions in place that provide the functionality and user experience that best suits your employee protection requirements.

There are 3 key elements to lone worker solutions: 

The mechanism – the device or application used to summon assistance

The online portal - where all activity can be viewed and tracked

The control room - from where assistance is deployed

To choose the right solution, there are 2 key decisions you need to make:

What type of solution, or mix of solutions, will best suit my organisation?

What type of monitoring is right for the organisation?

Factors to consider when choosing the type of solution.

  • Do employees have access to a smartphone for work?

  • Do employees face risks where they might need to easily activate an alarm?
  • Will employees remember to carry a separate device?
  • Will employees remember to charge a separate device?
  • Are employees working in remote areas that would benefit from enhanced signal coverage or a satellite connection?
  • Do you have in-house resource to monitor and respond to alarms? (E.g. Control Room, CCTV Centre, Security Operations Centre)

At Pick Protection our approach isn’t just to provide you a solution, we work with our customers to ensure you remain compliant with Health and Safety legislation and that your employees remain well protected. We will work with you through the 5 Steps to Employee Protection which also includes providing advice and insight into the different types of solutions available to help you make the best decision.



If your employees already carry smartphones, why not provide a lone worker application? No additional device to remember carry or charge. 


Logo for PG Click, a bluetooth lone worker solution

Do you want all the benefits of a smartphone solution but want an even easier way to activate the SOS alarm in an emergency? Pairing the PG Click gives users the best of both worlds.

Need a dedicated solution? Or a solution that enhances connectivity across rural and remote locations? The Pebble provides a simple solution that can connect across multiple phone networks.

Stay connected even in areas of no mobile signal. Satellite devices may be appropriate when employees work in areas of poor or no mobile phone coverage.



The PG Smart app is easy for employees to use, and even easier for managers to oversee. Our online PG Cloud management portal, provided FREE with any of our solutions, makes it simple for managers to check on usage levels, run reports and efficiently manage their users.

FREE with our solutions

Our online management platform:

  • Easy to use
  • Real time view of activity
  • Simple user management
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Secure and scalable
  • Optional tracking feature
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Functionality Matrix

Solution Matrix


Monitoring Options

Once you’ve decided the right solution, or combination of solutions, you need to decide how the solutions will be monitored.

Do you want to fully outsource protection of your employees and use our 24/7 BS8484 accredited alarm receiving centre through our Monitored Service?

Do you want to monitor and respond to alarms internally either through security resource already in place or through emergency contacts within the organisation with our Self -monitored Service?

Monitored service

Typically, the monitored service option is used by SMEs and organisations that want the peace of mind that the monitoring has been fully outsourced, and they have selected the BS8484 accredited solution.

  • BS 8484:16 accredited solution
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Priority level 1 emergency response
  • Audio recording can be provided for use in court
  • Highly trained operators who follow your organisation’s escalation procedure

However, if you have your own control room, already use a security provider for alarm handling or would like a localised response (e.g. fellow employees to be alerted) then our self-monitored service is right for you.

Self-monitored service

Typically, the self-monitored service solution is used by larger organisations that have their own control rooms. For example, local authorities may have CCTV centres that can be utilised to help cut costs and increase efficiencies of existing resources. 

  • Most cost-effective
  • Increased flexibility
  • Utilise existing resource, e.g. CCTV centre
  • Have complete control over your employee protection monitoring and response
  • Shortlisted for Security Innovation of the Year 2018

We offer several possible combinations of solution types with different monitoring options, so you can create a tailored solution across your organisation. 

To speak with one of our employee protection experts to help find the best solution for you call us on 0204 538 8664 or use the contact form below.

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