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Local authorities

Working with Local Authorities across the UK, we understand the range of risks posed to employees across the vast array of services on offer. Whether you’re looking for a corporate solution or a solution for a specific service area, Pick Protection can help. From Housing Officers to Social Workers to Park Rangers, we can provide proven solutions at unbeatable prices.

Easy to use

We know the two most important elements for a lone worker solution in a local authority are ease of use and user adoption. In these challenging times where budgets are continually squeezed we have optimised our solutions and how we work with local authorities to sustain high usage.

Digitally transform

We can also help local authorities ride the wave of digital transformation. We know a lot of local authorities have 24/7 Centres; CCTV Centres, Risk Management Centres, or Contact Centres. Our solutions can be monitored directly by these centres, both increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.


The procurement process in the public sector can be challenging, with several stages to undertake before budget can be allocated. If you would like to undertake soft market testing ahead of moving to a council-wide solution, we’re happy to help. 

Once you’ve spoken with us and we fully understand your requirements, you can also procure our solutions directly through the G-Cloud digital marketplace, expediting procurement for your department or team.


We’re providing the next generation of employee protection for security companies. If you’re tired of missed check calls, then Pick Protection can offer you an automated and easy to use check call replacement with our PG Smart application.

Reducing missed check calls

Automated alarms will alert your Officers when they need to check in. At the touch of a button they can confirm their safety, and our system will log the check in providing a time and date stamp along with GPS location.

The application also provides SOS functionality enabling your Officers to summon assistance when needed. We offer the most robust and effective employee protection solution for Security Officers at unbeatable prices.

Keep your clients safe

We know security companies are often approached by their clients to provide a range of protection solutions from CCTV systems to Fire & Intruder systems, and now also lone worker systems. We work with security companies to provide our solutions to their customers, therefore enhancing their own range of products and services. 

Use your own control room

If you have your own control room you can monitor the system in-house, benefitting from the most cost-effective way to protect both your employees and your customers. If you don’t have a control room, talk to us about how we monitor your employees through our fully managed service.


We provide a range of solutions for retailers to help not only with employee protection but also shoplifting and loss prevention. Employees can face a range of risks whether that’s dealing with a disgruntled customer, facing difficult members of the public, or handling cash and locking up premises after hours. Approaching shoplifting suspects can also be a high-risk activity and better handled by security personnel.

Advanced and effective solution

If you have an under-desk panic button or have ever thought about putting one in place but have been put off by the expense, then Pick Protection offers a more advanced and effective solution for a fraction of the cost.

Tailored to your needs

For both high-end retail and discount or budget stores there are risks both to both employees and to stock. Dependent on the situation, we can deliver tailored solutions to provide the fastest response, avoiding potentially violent situations escalating or preventing stock being lost.

Discreet and portable

We understand there’s nothing more precious than the relationship with your customers, so discretion has to be paramount. Our solutions are discreet, portable and can be activated covertly.


Charities have a clear duty of care to their volunteers as well as their employees, so assessing and managing the risks they may be exposed to should be a high priority.

Common tasks

Common tasks in this sector, such as collecting donations, may be carried out door-to-door, on the street or in shopping centres, leaving volunteers vulnerable to intimidating or even dangerous situations. Volunteers also interact with members of the public in their homes or within the community, which again leads to a heightened risk. 


Charities often don’t have the resource to monitor staff 24/7. In this instance, our managed service is a great option as it offers affordable, 24/7 lone worker monitoring at the highest industry standard. If you do have the resource and would like a more cost-effective solution, then take a look at our self-managed service.

Board members

Something you might not be aware of is even if board members are volunteers, they can still be held personally liable for the protection of employees and voluntary workers under Health and Safety legislation.

Facilities management

Facilities management includes a range of services, from cleaning to maintenance and repairs. As an organisation you’re responsible for the safety of employees and subcontractors carrying out work on your behalf.

Duty of care

Visiting premises alone and using a range of equipment means employees face a myriad of risks on a daily basis. A system should be put in place to ensure on a regular basis that the employee’s safety is confirmed. This can be a manual process or Pick Protection can provide automated systems to enhance protection and provide auditable records of your Duty of Care being upheld.

Smartphone solution

Most employees in facilities management are provided with a Smartphone and use tools such as workforce management apps and other efficiency aiding tools. Our PG Smart App provides a cost-effective protection solution that fits into their daily routine.

Financial services

Employees working in the financial services industry could be classed as ‘at-risk’ if they hold sensitive or valuable information. Moreover, nearly 50% of financial services staff also work alone at some point during their daily routine.

Working with the public

Working alone is not the only risk within banking. Working within the retail branches comes with risks as the employees are dealing with members of the public, often branch closures forcing people to travel further can lead to disgruntled customer visits. 

Working alone

Working from home also creates new risks as employees are no longer surrounded by the physical security of a bank premises yet they are still able to remotely access the banking systems.

It’s therefore not surprising that a lot of these employees feel vulnerable and exposed to criminal attacks. This fear could also continue outside of the workplace, as employees travel home, so it’s important for employers to protect employees at all times and not just within their place of work.

Multiple options to keep your staff safe

The great news is, all of Pick Protection’s solutions have the ability to protect employees 24/7. We have several options for keeping staff safe dependent on whether a localised response from nearby colleagues, or centralised monitoring of employees is the best fitting option. We can tailor the way SOS alarms are routed and dealt with to provide your employees with the most appropriate response.


What our customers say

For the cost-effectiveness of a no-brainer solution to looking after your staff, I cannot see why anyone wouldn’t use the Personal Guardian App.

Pam Hunter

SAY Women

I would absolutely recommend Pick Protection’s solutions to others. The app and portal are very user-friendly and reliable. Our employees have reacted very positively to the products and feel at ease knowing they have this system in place to protect them.

Maxine Fraser

Retailers Against Crime

We would recommend Pick Protection and are safe in the knowledge that any of our employees working alone will get immediate assistance if needed. It is definitely a valuable solution to working alone.

Heather Nicholson

James Street Veterinary Centre

I would recommend Pick Protection as I have had positive experiences using the app in correlation with my job role.

Ellie Cunningham

Selby District Council

Pick Protection gives us the peace of mind that our staff and property have the added protection when out of hours.

Richard Townsend

T3 Security

The pricing was transparent which is very important to me as when procuring services and goods it can be really difficult trying to actually break down the various offers and services into a definitive price.

Bill Oxbrough


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