Retail & Deliveries

Lone Working in Retail & Deliveries

Here at Pick Protection, we believe that lone workers should never feel alone. Our Personal Guardian products ensure that even if you work alone in a small store, you can feel safe and secure. We can provide lone-worker security solutions to lone working retail staff.

Whether you’re working alone in a supermarket warehouse or closing a chip shop very late at night, you deserve to feel comfortable whilst completing your work. Our Personal Guardian products can offer security that compliant to the highest industry standard (BS 8484) and our wearable tech is the lightest and smallest on the market, ensuring 100% discretion without obstructing clothing or work being completed.

Every minute of the working day, a retail employee is assaulted or threatened
Lone worker devices

How can Pick Protection help lone worker retail staff?

At Pick Protection, we offer Personal Guardian products – an app and wearable device or, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution we offer an app only solution.

Our Personal Guardian and Monitored App are both monitored by Unipart Security’s UK-based NSI Gold Category II Monitored Alarm Receiving Centre, who are accredited to the highest lone-working standard (BS 8484). Thanks to the lightweight nature of the Personal Guardian, it can be discreetly attached to an employee’s uniform – this can be a belt loop, or even attached to a lanyard if necessary.

Providing safety and reassurance, the Personal Guardian can ensure the safety of your employees whilst also ensuring that you are adhering to healthy and safety guidelines.

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