“The feedback received from the team who now use the system has been extremely positive. Given the simplicity of the system and the benefits, its use has become second nature to all. Hopefully we never need to use the system to summon help, but knowing it’s there gives our teams the confidence that they have a simple and reliable means to access help if needed.”

Gareth McCague, SHE Manager – SSE Energy Solutions (Part of the OVO Group)

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Our business completes the installation of energy measures such as external wall insulation, first time central heating system and air source heat pumps, to improve the energy efficiency of our customers’ properties.

The problem

Although most of the work is delivered by our supply chain partners, we still have several colleagues who work in our central office and who are mobile, working throughout the UK. Lone and remote working is one of our highest risks.

Although we had a very basic system of checking in via texts and calls supported by a personal risk assessment, our management team agreed that we needed a more technology-based tool for our people to use.

The solution

Having reviewed options available in the market, we decided to engage with Pick Protection, as their solution appeared to be the best solution for our business. The solution is simple to use, works with the existing technology within our teams and has various options available to summon assistance or raise an alarm.

In selecting what options to use we opted for a mixture of everyone having access to the PG Smart app, with a number of our people also having access to the PG Click. We decided to use the PG Click for those who are public facing, as this gives them the opportunity to summon help or raise an alarm discreetly, should they be involved in an adversarial situation.

The system was extremely easy to implement, and Pick’s training manager worked with us to carry out training in a virtual setting for our entire workforce. The system has been successfully adopted across the business and our people feel they have an added layer of protection should they ever need it.

As the SHE manager within our business, I’m the one who uses the PG Cloud Portal. I find it very user friendly and clear. From an administrative perspective, I can also make additions to the system and run reports on usage, which is helpful.

The real benefit of the portal to our business is that it displays real time information on all event types, giving us an accurate insight into how the system is used and any activation scenarios.

The Outcome

The Pick Protection system is a valuable tool to ensure the safety of our teams. It’s simple to set up and use and is extremely cost effective. I would strongly recommend the system to anyone out there who is considering what tools to use as part of their lone and remote working processes. The team at Pick have vast experience and knowledge within this sector and are always more than happy to provide support whenever required. I feel by using the system as part of our overall management of lone and remote working, we can demonstrate our duty of care to our people.