Case Study

Fairhurst Stone Merchants Ltd

“The service that Pick Protection has been able to provide has been invaluable to us and our lone workers

Emma Monks, Health & Safety Coordinator

Providing 24/7 monitoring for quarry workers in remote areas 

Fairhurst Stone Merchants Ltd. are a natural stone business based in Settle, North Yorkshire. They operate across different sites, with lone workers operating machinery and vehicles. We asked Emma Monks, the Health and Safety Coordinator, for her opinion on our solution.

The problem

We were advised that we needed risk assessments in place for lone workers. If we didn’t have a lone worker solution in place, we would have been in breach of our employers’ insurance.

Our lone worker was required to work in the smallest quarry alone. This involved working heavy plant and loading contracted vehicles. The quarry isn’t close to our main yard or the other quarries, so it was impossible to provide our lone worker with any contacts in case of emergencies.

The solution

The app was up and running easily in time for work to commence. There was time to try the emergency SOS alarm to familiarise our staff with the procedure. We were provided with fantastic customer service, running through the app and website with both myself and the lone worker.

Our teething troubles were quickly and efficiently resolved as we got started and Pick Protection remained in contact to make sure everything was okay.

It was easy for me to check the customer portal and monitor our lone worker and that he was checking in. By using Pick Protection’s managed solution, it meant that there was no pressure on me to remember to check in as it was managed 24/7 by Unipart Security’s Alarm Receiving Centre.

The outcome

The service that Pick Protection has been able to provide has been invaluable to us and our lone workers and will continue to be in the future with options to add more employees and scope for any other work aside of our quarries.

Our employee has fed back that this app was easy to use. It was helpful to have step by step help and direction in setting it up. He also said it wasn’t time-consuming to check in and, on the occasions that he did forget to check in, it highlighted how efficient the service was. This obviously builds trust with all of us that we had chosen the correct app for what we needed. It has also created security for his family that he was being monitored all day.

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