Case Study

Enterprise Solutions

The problem


At Enterprise Solutions we have a range of job roles, from engineers working in the field and office based staff, to home-based workers and also employees working a hybrid of these types of roles.

We were initially looking for a solution that would protect only the highest risk lone workers; engineers and other field/community based roles where staff face a range of risks from violence, aggression and robbery, to injury from heavy equipment and occasionally risks from working at height. We also had some real concerns where staff working alone had specific medical conditions.

In an ideal world we wanted a solution that we could provide to all of our staff but with limited budgets had agreed the priority was protection for the highest risk staff.

After discussion with Pick Protection we realised that they had several options available that suited every risk profile, and were priced accordingly, so that all employees could be provided with a safety solution to suit their requirement and risk levels.

With the recent personal safety concerns, especially for female members of staff, we are delighted Pick Protection have enabled us to offer company-wide protection and demonstrate our commitment to the safety and welfare of ALL our employees.

The solution


High Risk Staff: (field based)

The highest risk staff were provided with the ultimate approach of the PG Smart Application with PG Click SOS trigger, combined with dedicated 24/7/365 BS8484 monitoring by specialist trained operators who can directly contact the emergency services if required. This solution allowed for discreet activation of the SOS alarm due to the risks of violence involved in certain roles. The PG Smart app also allowed proactive welfare checking and an immediate response from the alarm receiving centre if the employee had not confirmed safety. We enabled fall detection for employees working at height and for those with medical conditions.

Knowing that a Level 1 Priority Police Response would be provided and that alarms would be dealt with by highly trained operators provided peace of mind that we had the best protection in place.

Medium Risk Staff: (field/office based)

The PG Smart app has also been provided to medium risk level staff. They do not face the same risks of violence or aggression so do not require the PG Click, however, they are exposed to environmental risks and travel long distances alone, which in the winter months can be on dark icy roads. The PG Smart gives these users access to the SOS alarm function and also lets them leave messages on the system and set proactive safety checks, so we can be sure they have all returned home safely.

In line with our Lone Working Policy all employees must set proactive welfare checks (Time at Risk events) on the app if they are carrying out certain tasks or driving long distances.

Rather than utilising the monitored 24/7 service, we route these users internally through to our in-house security team.

The SOS alarm calls are received by a dedicated phoneline in the security centre where information like user name and location is displayed on a screen, allowing us to facilitate the appropriate response ourselves. There is no requirement to have a complicated infrastructure in the security centre, just a PC, an internet connection and a phone line for the calls.

Low Risk Staff: (office/home based)

While these members of staff typically do not face any higher risks in their job than they would outside of working hours, general personal safety concerns are the reason we have provided them with protection.

This is going above and beyond our duty of care as an employer and has demonstrated just how committed we are to looking after our staff.

These staff members have been provided the PG Smart application (with all functionality including SOS, messaging, welfare checks, fall detection) but rather than routing these alarms through to our security team, we encourage the employee to choose 3 emergency contacts they would like to be notified in the event of an emergency. In some departments this does alert line managers and other colleagues, while in other instances such as employees working from home, they have chosen family members as their emergency contacts.

All Managers have access to the PG Cloud portal so they can add new users within their department but most importantly can keep an eye on usage. Our medium and high risk staff must use the PG Smart app when working alone, and the PG Cloud portal lets our Managers monitor usage easily and provide reports for audit purposes.

The outcome


The process of setting up the system and rolling it out across the company was both smooth and simple, with the full support of Pick Protection.

We have received extremely positive feedback from the staff on how easy the app is to use.

For the difference in price between protecting just our high risk staff to providing a solution to everyone in the organisation it was a no-brainer.

Our commitment to safety also stretches to our suppliers and partner organisations and we are encouraging these companies to adopt the same approach to create a safer working environment for all.