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SAY Women

For the cost-effectiveness of a no-brainer solution to looking after your staff, I cannot see why anyone wouldn’t use the PG Smart app.

Pam Hunter, CEO

Giving Say Women more confidence in their life changing work

SAY Women is a charity that works in Glasgow to support young women aged between 16-25 who are survivors of child sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault, who are at risk of homelessness. SAY Women change the lives of around 50 women every year. We asked CEO, Pam Hunter for her thoughts on our solutions.

The problem

We have members of staff going to visit the women’s accommodation units and there can be troublesome individuals in the vicinity which pose a risk to our team members visiting the premises.

We had a system where the team member would text their manager upon safe arrival home, but these visits would often take place up to 9:30 pm when the manager had clocked off. This wasn’t healthy for the manager’s work/life balance and there wasn’t a robust process in place if a staff member didn’t text to confirm their safety. As CEO, this told me there was a concern for the wellbeing of the staff.

The solution

We decided to use Pick Protection’s PG Smart for all team members as well as PG Click bluetooth SOS triggers for the higher risk members of the team. The Bluetooth triggers allow quick and easy activation of an SOS alarm in an emergency. The managed solution that we chose, covers the staff’s safety 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The staff now set time at risk sessions via the app when they are carrying out a visit or working in the office alone in the evening. If the staff member fails to check in at the end of the time period, an SOS alarm is automatically activated and highly trained operators will listen and analyse the situation before acting accordingly. This has replaced the old system of texting the manager and provides a more robust safety solution.

The outcome

I feel much more comfortable now that we have these solutions in place and it gives me confidence knowing that I have done the right thing to protect them. I received fantastic feedback from a member of the team who stated, “I can’t believe you’ve put this in place! You’re even investing in our safety outside of work”, as I’d encouraged the staff to put the apps on their personal phones. This meant that wherever they were, they would have the peace of mind that they could summon assistance if required; for example when they walk their dogs in the evening.

Putting these solutions in place has really helped change the culture of the organisation and send staff the message that their safety is taken seriously.

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