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PG Cloud comes free with any of the Personal Guardian solution range.

All of the Personal Guardian solutions connect into the PG Cloud management portal, providing everything managers need to ensure the long-term success of the Personal Guardian solutions within their organisation. PG Cloud provides in-depth insight into the usage of solutions across the organisation, from simple user management to real time events and historical reporting.

Simple user management

Comprehensive reporting

View activity in real time

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Simple User Management

PG Cloud gives managers the ability to easily administer their users, and to edit and amend escalation processes or key information relating to the solutions they have in place. From adding new employees or changing user details, to setting sensitivity level of the fall detection sensors or changing times between employee safety confirmations, the PG Cloud portal gives managers total control over how the system is used by their employees.

Comprehensive Reporting

PG Cloud enables managers to view all current and historical activity, as well as usage levels across individuals, departments and the entire organisation. Specific and in-depth reports containing user, activity type, time, date and GPS location stamps can be created by the manager and exported from the system whenever required. PG Cloud offers not only a great management tool, but also information for compliance or audit purposes.

View Activity in Real Time

If you need to know when employees embark on a new task or finish a shift you can view all activity in real time on the PG Cloud, as well as current usage to see how many employees are active on the system at any time.



User friendly and intuitive design

Scalable, built to grow with your company

Secure design with end-to-end encryption

Free training for managers provided

More than just a platform designed for functional day to day solution management and reporting, PG Cloud is optimised to help managers easily monitor employee usage, providing the insights and trend information they need to ensure high user adoption of the solutions on an on-going basis. If you need a lone worker solution that will become embedded into the safety culture of your organisation, then PG Cloud, together with the support of the Pick team, will enable you to achieve this.

And that’s not all. As well as being a management platform for your lone working solutions, the PG Cloud portal can also be used as a monitoring platform. If your organisation has a security operations centre or control room, you might want to consider the ‘Self-Monitored’ service option. Compatible with Safari, Firefox and Chrome PG Cloud can be used as a standalone monitoring platform for your lone working solutions with no integration required or it can be integrated with physical security management systems you may already have in place.

Check out our Monitoring options…

Monitoring Options

Once you’ve decided the right solution, or combination of solutions, you need to decide how the solutions will be monitored.

  • Do you want to fully outsource protection of your employees and use our 24/7 BS8484 accredited alarm receiving centre through our Monitored Service?
  • Do you want to monitor and respond to alarms internally either through security resource already in place or through emergency contacts within the organisation with our Self-monitored Service?

Monitored service

Typically, the monitored service option is used by SMEs and organisations that want the peace of mind that the monitoring has been fully outsourced, and they have selected the BS8484 accredited solution.

  • BS 8484:16 accredited solution
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Priority level 1 emergency response
  • Audio recording can be provided for use in court
  • Highly trained operators who follow your organisation’s escalation procedure

However, if you have your own control room, already use a security provider for alarm handling or would like a localised response (e.g. fellow employees to be alerted) then our self-monitored service is right for you.

Self-monitored service

Typically, the self-monitored service solution is used by larger organisations that have their own control rooms. For example, local authorities may have CCTV centres that can be utilised to help cut costs and increase efficiencies of existing resources. 

  • Most cost-effective
  • Increased flexibility
  • Utilise existing resource, e.g. CCTV centre
  • Have complete control over your employee protection monitoring and response
  • Shortlisted for Security Innovation of the Year 2018

We offer several possible combinations of solution types with different monitoring options, so you can create a tailored solution across your organisation. 


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Compatible with iOS Version 10+ and Android Version 5.5+

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