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Axis Security

Axis Security were approached by their customer Old Spitalfields Market in London to provide a solution that would allow shop assistants, if they were feeling uneasy or thought there was a risk of shoplifting, to alert a member of security simply by pressing a button. Axis came to Pick Protection and together we designed a solution whereby our PG Smart App combined with PG Click can be used to alert the on-site security team, who can then respond in a matter of seconds.

Axis Security also use PG Smart for their own officers and continue to find opportunities within their customer base where our solutions can add value.


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By selling our application and devices to your clients, you can both increase revenue from existing customers AND offer innovative new services to keep them protected. Not only does this promote the initiative within your organisation, and your ability to anticipate customer needs, but it could make your control room much more profitable and increase revenue streams.

As a security company looking after the best interests and protection of your clients, it’s worth noting that there are currently around 8 million lone workers in the UK, with this figure set to double by 2022 (Berg Insight Report)*. 

This phenomenal growth is primed to attract app-based lone worker solutions which ensure those working by themselves without close or direct supervision, are fully protected at all times. Through duty of care legislation, all employers must assess potential risks to employees. Lone worker security is designed to mitigate these risks.

There are 3 key elements to lone worker solutions: 

The mechanism – the device or application used to summon assistance

The online portal - where all activity can be viewed and tracked

The control room - from where assistance is deployed

How to

Getting started

If you have your own control room, Pick Protection can provide the lone worker solutions and cloud-based portal for this to be monitored within your existing set up.

And if you don’t have a control room? Then we can provide the complete monitoring process for you.

From our PG Cloud online portal, you can simply add organisations and/or individuals to cover your clients’ lone workers straight away.   

Finding the right fit for your clients’ purpose

 Pick Protection provides a range of lone worker solutions that include functionality such as SOS alarms, timed risk periods, tracking and much more. These devices and the PG Smart App combined with our online portal, allow managers to view all activity in real time and create specific reports based on what’s important to them.

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