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Red House

The Red House is an exclusive, luxury retirement village in Ripon, North Yorkshire. It comprises of 59 privately owned apartments and cottages, and has a wealth of communal facilities.

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The Problem

The Red House has 4 Duty Managers who work around the clock to ensure the smooth running of the facilities. There are numerous aspects to their roles which mean they work alone for long periods of time.

Some of the work they do includes: locking up the premises whilst being alone; external door checks on an evening (which is a particular concern in the dark evenings and the winter months); and medical call-outs to occupied apartments. This leaves the Duty Manager exposed to various types of situations where additional assistance may be required.


The Solution

We have adopted Pick Protection’s Personal Guardian application and Bluetooth SOS trigger for our staff. Employees will set a 'time at risk' period and keep extending it regularly as they complete premises checks and lockups. They also carry the SOS button at all times and this provides peace of mind to the team that, should they need it, they can quickly summon assistance.

We opted for the ‘Managed’ version of the application as it’s the easiest way for us to look after the duty managers 24/7. We know in the unlikely event that there’s an incident, the senior management team will be notified through the escalation protocol we have supplied. It also means when the SOS alarm is activated, the situation is recorded so the dialogue can be heard back and this would be very useful as another layer of protection for the company.

The customer portal is easy to use and allows us to see each 'time at risk' event that the team sets. We have comfort knowing that we can easily download a report and show an auditor how seriously we take our duty of care here at The Red House.


The Outcome

Implementing Pick Protection’s solutions has gone a long way to demonstrating to our staff how seriously the company cares for their welfare and wants to provide the best level of protection we can for them.

Employees feel safer at work knowing that in the event of a situation of friction, they can discreetly press a button and help will be summoned.

As the person responsible for ensuring we adhere to Health and Safety legislation, this solution gives me peace of mind that we have acknowledged all the risks posed to our staff and taken the right steps to genuinely mitigate those risks.

The Red House

Case Studies