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T3 Security formed in 2008 and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading security companies. They provide traditional and advanced security services to clients both locally and nationally. We asked T3’s Director, Richard Townsend for his opinion on our solution.

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The Problem

We needed a solution to ensure the safety of our guards at all times. We originally had a manual process in place whereby managers would receive check-in calls from guards and it was up to the manager to follow up if a check-in was missed.


The Solution

We opted for the managed app solution from Pick Protection as it takes the hassle away from the managers since the operators will call the guards if a check-in is missed. The app works well, and our escalation procedure is followed exactly how we planned if an SOS alarm is activated. Taking this burden away from the managers allows them to concentrate on other things whilst having peace of mind that our employees are safe.

The experience of implementing the solution was smooth and the solution is now part of our guard’s daily routine. They think the solution is incredibly easy to use and as a result, we see very high usage rates.


The Outcome

We use the solution on the majority of our sites across the North East of England. It helps us in a number of ways. Firstly, we have an audit trail that we are looking after our staff and secondly, the reporting feature provides insights on productivity showing that we are getting good value from the solution. We would recommend Pick Protection to anyone looking for an easy to use solution to protect their employees.


Pick Protection gives us the peace of mind that our staff and property have the added protection when out of hours.

Richard Townsend


Case Studies

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