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Stubbers Adventure Centre

Stubbers Adventure Centre provides over 30 adventurous indoor and outdoor activities for kids and grown-ups. Across a 130-acre site, their highly-trained and passionate staff are committed to introducing visitors to new skills and experiences in a safe and fun environment.

Stubbers Case Study
  • App + Bluetooth (Self-Managed)
  • Leisure

The Problem

In the quieter winter months, a single member of staff is often left to lock up the site, and it’s important to ensure their safety. The system we previously used relied on two people, one to report and one to check they have reported; but with Pick Protection’s Personal Guardian App solution, the system automatically highlights if they don’t check-in when expected.


The Solution

Set up on the app was quick and simple with the Bluetooth device allowing for quick SOS activation if required. My staff are happier as they know help is at hand should they need it, and it gives me peace of mind that they are safe and accounted for during their shift.

Having access to reports via the management portal allows us to see usage details, and if and when alarms have been activated, providing useful management information.


The Outcome

As a small company we care passionately about the safety of our staff, but many other solutions were too expensive, had minimum subscription numbers or the models were not flexible enough to suit our business requirements. Pick Protection allows us to access a great system to keep our staff safe, that’s both within our budget and tailored to suit our business.


I would definitely recommend Pick Protection’s solutions. Support and communications are always quick and efficient, and it works really well for us.

Amy Holdsworth

Head of Centre

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