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Selby District Council

Selby District is a local government district of North Yorkshire, England. The council has around 500 employees with 1 in 5 classed as a lone worker. Property officer, Ellie Cunningham, tells us her thoughts from an end user's perspective.

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The Problem

As a visiting officer, I was previously calling the office to check in with a manager at every location stop and pre-planning visits on my shared calendar. I was at risk if I was travelling to an area with little signal as I would not be able to call the office.


The Solution

Selby Council opted for the managed app solution alongside Bluetooth devices to allow for quick activation of the SOS alarm.

Pick Protection's app has been very easy to use and implement while working. The risk has been eliminated due to the different functions on the app such registering a pre-alert if I feel there could be a potential risk, and informing the relevant people of my location should there be a delay or change to the schedule.

When my alarm has been activated, the response time of receiving a call is extremely quick, and the operators are helpful and clear. The functions of the app and the alarm activation/response have made me feel more confident to visit as I have greater peace of mind for my own security.

The menu tab on the mobile application is very easy to follow and understand. Logging and ending an event such as a time at risk or a pre-alert is quick and easy to complete; also having the options to extend the time limits is ideal if a scheduled visit runs overtime to keep everyone informed. The exposure has allowed managers to effectively keep track of me on visits so they know I am safe and where I am.


The Outcome

Pick Protection's solutions have improved our efficiency by allowing managers to be able to check where I am instead of calling. It has also given me more flexibility and less time is wasted as I am able to extend times of visits if they overrun. This also means that managers are aware and check other places that I have maybe missed off the calendar.

The application significantly reduces the risk of feeling unsafe or uneasy, particularly in rural locations; and ensures others are not worrying about me as they are updated clearly and frequently on my whereabouts. 


I would recommend Pick Protection as I have had positive experiences using the app in correlation with my job role.

Ellie Cunningham

Property Officer

Case Studies