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HighNet Telecoms

HighNet provides business telecoms to businesses all over Scotland. They have 45 staff based in their Inverness and Glasgow offices with more staff working remotely and from home.

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The Problem

Many of our staff work in the field whether that be on installations, support or sales, and they mostly travel and work alone. As an employer, it’s important that we ensure our staff are safe and have access to help if it is ever needed.

We have previously used a solution that required a manual check of the user's updates. This meant team leaders having to be “on-call” to monitor the application, putting extra responsibility and time onto their workload for such an important safety situation.


The Solution

We opted for The Personal Guardian App solution as a cost-effective, more reliable method of looking after our staff than the system we originally had in place. All staff members carry phones, meaning an app solution will likely have a higher adoption rate than if we were to give them a separate device.

We mainly use the app's "Time at Risk" feature. This allows our staff the flexibility to set a timed risk session for when they would like to be monitored, given when they may be at risk. Having the ability to extend the time and add notes to explain exactly where the locations is, is an excellent feature.

Installing the app was quick and easy, and Pick’s customer portal allowed us to check who is using, and more importantly, who is not using the app. It’s easy to navigate and produces useful reports and statistics.

Our users have reported that the solution is easy to use and fits well into the way we work. 


The Outcome

There is a real “peace of mind” feeling towards the solution from both an employee and employer perspective. The portal delivers helpful information and allows us to ensure that staff are using the solution.

We are proactively introducing Pick Protection to our clients, especially as it complements our own mobile offering.


With Pick Protection providing a fully managed and supported platform we can be reassured that our colleagues' welfare is being monitored professionally and securely.

Tony Miller

Head of Mobile Services

Case Studies