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Pick Protection has enabled Axis Security to provide protection to the shop assistants at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market (OSM) in London. Axis Group is one of the largest facility management companies in the UK, winning 'Security Guarding Company of the Year' at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2018.

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The Problem

Old Spitalfields Market is one of east London's busiest shopping hubs. OSM approached Axis Group regarding an emergency alarm solution which could cover the 45+ retail outlets in a manner which was both cost-effective and caused little disturbance to the design and layout.


The Solution

Pick Protection provided a wireless, more cost-effective alternative to a traditional under-desk panic button to 45 of the stores at OSM.

By pressing a discreet, wearable, Bluetooth-enabled device, shop assistants can summon a concierge security response within seconds to their shop’s location. The Bluetooth device connects to a mobile app within each store and this application can open a two-way audio connection between the employees and security concierge.

Employees are encouraged to use the system as a preventative measure to enhance their safety.


The Outcome

Paul Davies, Head of Real Estate and Facilities at OSM, says the system provides fast, intelligent and flexible employee support: 

"We are extremely pleased that our retailers and their employees working in the market have been given this additional level of safety. We have worked closely with Axis Group and Pick Protection to ensure we have implemented the system properly. While the market contains a great deal of high-value stock, it is the employees who are our most valuable asset. We have a strong duty of care to our lone workers. Using the new and innovative Pick Protection technology has enhanced our ability to deliver on this."

Pick Protection's range of employee protection solutions can offer assurance to both employees and their employers. Employees will feel more secure and reassured knowing assistance is just a click away and employers will stay compliant with Health & Safety legislation and become a more attractive employer when recruiting.


Pick Protection provides an excellent alternative to systems monitored by Alarm Receiving Centres that require significant client investment and don’t provide the on-site rapid response times that this system does.

Simon Giles

Chief Operating Officer at Axis

Case Studies