Pick Protection Nominated for National Safety Award

Innovation of the Year for Security 2018

We were nominated for Innovation Of The Year in the security field at the National Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2018.

With over 8 million lone workers in the UK, it is staggering to find that only 6% of these workers have a monitored lone worker solution in place. Advances in technology are changing the way we work and practices such as flexible working, agile working and working from home are becoming common practice in a changing landscape of lone working. In addition to this, with more companies rolling out the use of smart devices for data collation, reporting and general working, it means employees are carrying expensive pieces of equipment such as smartphones and laptops which introduces new risks and safety challenges.

Lone working is becoming ubiquitous and more needs to be done to provide companies with a high quality, cost-effective way to protect their lone workers and keep these 8 million people safe.

We have raised over £1million to develop the next generation of lone worker protection. Innovation is at the heart of our business and we are proud to have developed the first ever cloud-based alarm receiving centre which comes coupled with our lone worker solutions. Through our portal, we have developed the tools for organisations to monitor their lone workers themselves rather than paying a Lone Worker company to monitor it through their expensive-to-run physical alarm receiving centres.

By creating our cloud-based ARC we have removed the costs associated with a large-scale ARC such as bulletproof glass, blast-proof walls and emergency backup-sites, allowing our customers to monitor the solution themselves with their existing resource – for example, a local authority will have a CCTV centre with employees monitoring the CCTV 24/7. This existing resource can also be used to monitor their lone workers through the cloud-based alarm receiving centre at no additional cost.

What this also means is organisations do not need to pay for additional monitoring for each new employee they want to monitor – they can protect all of their employees with no monitoring fee.

Unlike competitors, Pick Protection find ourselves is in a unique position in the lone worker industry in that does not have our own alarm receiving centre. As a result of this our business approach does not rely on driving as many connections into our own alarm receiving to make it as profitable as possible. This advantage has allowed us to be innovative in our approach of researching our customers and their resources, looking at their pain points and how we can address their problems through innovative development.


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