Pick Protection

03 June 2021

Are you a public authority that’s looking for new ways to protect your staff, but worried about how that fits in with your digital transformation process? Are you concerned that a new system might slow your operations down or make the organisation less efficient?

What if we told you that we could help you improve your team’s safety, while maintaining efficiency, service levels and with a savings benefit to your existing business costs?

Let us tell you more…

With ever-decreasing budgets combined with an increased need for personal safety at work, it’s no wonder that the UK’s public authorities are feeling under pressure. Lone working has become even more prevalent over the past year, and at Pick Protection we know the challenges that this can bring to organisations.

What can we offer? 

Our solution offers lone worker apps and devices that can be connected to an online portal and monitored 24/7 by an existing in-house security centre – many of our clients use their CCTV centre, care call centre or risk management centre to do this.

Our experience has proven that your own centre is well placed to monitor staff safely, benefiting from local connections to emergency services plus vital awareness of the types of risks employees are likely to encounter.  

While your current centre may already monitor your lone workers to an extent via dial-in systems or radios, we have found that these types of systems tend to have very low adoption rates, and can lack important technological aspects such as providing a worker’s location in an emergency. 

At Pick Protection, we are able to link your existing security centre to our lone worker apps or devices using our latest technology – meaning that your organisation can save on cost and increase operational efficiency while protecting the safety of your workers.


We’ll be with you every step of the way!

To find out more about our lone worker protection services, and how we can cut your costs and help streamline your organisational efficiency, call us on 0141 229 0048 or email info@pickprotection.com.