Pick Protection

17 May 2020

At the heart of safeguarding your lone workers is Pick Protection’s cloud-based technology.

The combination of smartphone apps, Bluetooth beacons and standalone wearable devices complemented with our cloud-based customer portal, gives you the versatility to adapt and scale according to your needs.  

We are constantly looking at developing solutions and found an interesting challenge recently with Axis Security Services. We were engaged to find a discreet, cost-effective and reliable in-store alert capability, routed to the on-site security team at Old Spitalfields Market. We came up with an effective alarm system solution which avoided the installation of cabling and wires but subtly integrated into the ambience of the store environment and the floor managers onsite. At the press of a button from one (or several) managers, the onsite security team was alerted immediately.  

One store operator noted, “traditional alarm solutions are problematic as they disrupt our corporate image, however, the solution from Pick Protection and Axis Security is discreet, easy to use and most importantly doesn’t disrupt the look and feel of what we want to achieve within the store.”  

Pick Protection’s platform of protection can be used in many ways – from vulnerable lone workers to mobile workforce support and beyond. 


If you have any additional needs or ideas to make our solutions better, we’d love to hear from you.