Pick Protection

24 May 2020

Health and safety policies and solutions are of little benefit to your organisation if employees neither believe in them, know what they are, or can find where they are stored.

In a national survey carried out by A-SAFE, a staggering 60% of employees admitted to not following health & safety practices in their organisation. Encouraging ownership of such important policies and procedures is quite an art, and it takes careful and clever planning.  

Here are 3 tips to help you start that process:  

1. Incentives

Most people like a challenge, especially when there’s competition involved. Try a tricky H&S question via messenger or email each day (one question – 3 short choice responses). The first person, to send in the correct response gets a coffee voucher? This is just an idea, but keeping it simple and competitive will encourage them to take more notice and start to ask questions (even perhaps begin to read up on their health & safety policies!). When you’ve started to engage staff through a bit of fun, you might then be able to build a profile of those natural ambassadors within the organisation who might lead teams and ensure compliance within their own departments.  

2. Have their say

When existing health & safety policies or protocols are under review, ask employees for their constructive views on practical application in everyday operations. Allow a little time to provide feedback. There will be noticeable engagement if they feel that their views will be heard, considered and, wherever possible, implemented.  

3. Simplicity is key

Don’t overcomplicate processes and safety solutions – there’s no need. Keep it straightforward, i.e. do’s and donts. When it comes to safety and important policies, people like to know where they stand (or shouldn’t!). Don’t make it woolly, but do make it absolutely clear. That way, employees will be in no doubt about what is expected of them, and if there is an issue with non-compliance you have an audit trail to show your duty of care.  

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve come across any issues or have any inspirational ideas for health and safety policy engagement. Get in touch.