Pick Protection

12 March 2020

Pick Protection have enabled Axis Group to provide protection to the shop assistants at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market (OSM) in London. Axis is one of the largest facility management companies in the UK.

We have provided a wireless, more cost-effective alternative to a traditional under-desk panic button to 45 of the stores at OSM. By pressing a discreet, wearable, Bluetooth-enabled device, shop assistants can summon a concierge security response within seconds to their shop’s location. The Bluetooth device connects to a mobile app within each store and this application can open a two-way audio connection between the employees and security concierge.


Paul Davies, Head of Real Estate and Facilities at OSM, says the system provides fast, intelligent and flexible employee support: 


“We are extremely pleased that our retailers and their employees working in the market have been given this additional level of safety. We have worked closely with Axis Group and Pick Protection to ensure we have implemented the system properly. While the market contains a great deal of high-value stock, it is the employees who are our most valuable asset.”


Our solutions can link to facility management and security companies’ resources, allowing them to monitor the workers through a cloud-based customer portal. This portal also has reporting features which can be used in Health & Safety audits to show that protection is in place.


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