Protecting your lone workers has never been easier

Keeping your team safe is a big responsibility. We make it simple, with Pick Protection’s lone worker solutions.

Protecting your lone workers has never been easier.

Keeping your team safe is a big responsibility. We make it simple, with our flexible lone working solutions.


"Extremely easy to use"

British Red Cross

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Protect your employees with one flexible lone worker solution

How do you keep your workforce safe if they work alone, or even in a remote part of your site or headquarters? Are they at risk on their commute? Where do you even start with implementing a system that protects them?

Protecting your teammates or employees might sound complicated, but if they have a smartphone, it’s simple. We take advantage of any smartphone’s technology and hardware by pairing it with our user-friendly lone worker App, backed by a robust and interconnected safety system.

Suddenly, that phone is a safety device, compatible with our cloud management system and a bluetooth alarm trigger, if discretion is needed. And that’s only part of our solution at Pick Protection. The rest is dependent on your requirements, as we fit our solutions and work alone devices around you, for a system that is flexible, scalable, and constantly evolving.

SOS Alarm

Holding the SOS alarm button for two seconds immediately connects to an operator, with two way audio and GPS.



Employees can make a note for operators or named contacts to let them know of any concerns they might have.

Time at Risk

Setting a time limit to a situation, such as a challenging visit, automatically triggers an SOS if that time lapses.

Fall Detection

Our algorithim picks up a fall, sending an SOS alarm automatically if someone becomes incapacitated.

Robust Connectivity

By connecting to any available network, users can send an SOS or other event even when very limited data connections are available. Our app and devices work across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Advanced Security

All data is encrypted at rest on our servers, and streamed securely using TLS v1.3 encryption, so you can be sure your employees’ information is safe.


PG Smart

Our lone worker App, the Personal Guardian (PG) Smart gives your lone workers access to a personal safety device, simply by downloading an app. The PG Smart boasts high user adoption and a simply interface, meaning your team can be trained to use it in as little as 10 minutes.

PG Click

Made to pair with our PG Smart app, this double click bluetooth device is ideally suited to employees who need to be able to discreetly raise an SOS.

PG Pebble

Standalone devices may be appropriate when employees do not have a smartphone, or if a dedicated lone worker device is required. Our pebble device is fitted with a roaming SIM card which offers robust connectivity by switching to whichever network has the best coverage.


For Lone Workers out in areas of very low coverage, the PG X offers comfort knowing someone is ready to receive an alert. This satelitte device offers two-way texting capability when in sight of a satellite, rather than using phone networks or WiFi.

PG Cloud

Our management portal shows real time SOS alerts, time at risk and pre-alerts, offering exact coordinates if a lone worker finds themselves in a difficult situation. The reporting dashboard provides an on-screen and downloadable view of activity and usage, while your dedicated workspace allows you to manage employee access.


Fully Monitored

Monitoring by NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs)
24/7, 365 days a year
Highly trained operators
Average response time under 4 seconds
Tailored escalation protocols followed
Priority Police response to GPS location
Training & Support


Self monitoring through internal resource: Control Room/CCTV Centre/Security Operations Centre/ Emergency Contacts
Access to PG Cloud Monitoring Platform
Standalone system or integration available to alarm handling software
Training & Support


A combination of fully monitored and self-monitored to cater for your entire workforce.

Ideal for organisations who want to make safety features available to all their employees, not just their lone workers.

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